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List Of Characters In The Stony Creek Series

William ‘Bill’ Powell – He is married to Lillian and likes to pretend that she doesn’t boss him around.  He is the loving and interfering father to Jackson, Ben and Troy.  Bill is the owner and boss of the family ranch, Rugged Hill Ranch, that he shares with his sister in law, Florence.  His brother, Martin, passes away previously and left Florence and his boys their share of the ranch.  His nephews Brody and Cole also live and work the ranch.  Bill doesn’t mind the job of keeping ‘all his boys’ in line.  He is a very good, soft spoken, wife-loving, do the right thing kind of man, who sometimes does what his wife tells him to.

Lillian Powell – She is married to Bill and still madly in love after all their years together.  She is mother to Jackson, Ben and Troy and very protective of her nephews Brody and Cole.  She is known for adoring her naughty talks and hot toddies with her sister in law, Florence, as well as all the other matrons of Stony Creek, Wyoming.  She doesn’t mind nudging the ones that she loves in the right direction or right girl, whether they like it or not.

Florence Powell – Was married to Martin, her love, who passed from a heart attack, and is now ‘keeping company’ with Donny O’Doyle.  She is the life of the party and loves to give love and advice to everyone around her.  She simply adores her boys; sons, Brody and Cole, but also her nephews, Jackson, Ben and Troy.  She is a church going woman with a naughty streak not always kept deep inside.  She has a secret desire to be the one to ride to the rescue someday for someone who needs it!

Jackson Powell – The eldest son of Bill and Lillian who likes to pretend that he doesn’t need love in his life to be happy.  The object of sexual interest of both female and male residents in Stony Creek, he causes many a woman to practically swoon when he directs his masculinity in their direction. He is the one in the family who can fix anything broken or solve most of the problems. He rides the ranch on his favorite horse, Lachlan, as he works the family’s large herd. He had a brief marriage to Gwen Powell, clearly not his best move.  Jackson is also the tallest at 6’6”, dark brown hair and green eyes.  He is very intense when it comes to the ranch, sex and the people he loves.  For some reason, he always smells delicious and doesn’t embarrass easily.  Like his brothers, he won’t turn down a home cooked meal and has secret insecurities when it comes to women.

Benjamin ‘Ben’ Powell – The middle son of Bill and Lillian he is known for taking in a situation or person via observation rather than conversation in order to figure it or them out.  He won’t admit it, but he cannot stand to see someone, particularly a woman, suffer.  Also huge, he stands at 6’5” with light brown thick hair and green eyes.  Ben is very broadly muscled, even more so than his big brother.  Ben feels that relationships probably are not destined for him, except for his love affair with the ranch.  He is addicted to savoring women, as he might refer to it, but treats the horde of them with respect.  He possesses some secret kinks that he thinks no one knows about and his family laughs at his ignorance of their knowledge.  Not a very well-kept secret partly due to the fact that his horse’s name is Cuff, hum. Known for being very considerate, kind but shy, he cannot dress trendily without assistance and has an adorable sensitivity to sick animals.  He has a habit of sitting in Stony Café and staring at its gorgeous owner, Lizzie Carmichael, much to the dismay of many other women.

Troy ‘Tiny’ Powell – Youngest son to Bill and Lillian, he is the charmer of the boys.  He does all the sales, marketing and computer work for the ranch as well as caring for the herd with his family.  He is nicknames ‘Tiny’ due to his not so small stature of 6’2” with sandy brown curly hair and brown eyes.  He has to look up to his brothers but is quick with his wit as well as his hands.  He is best friends with Hunter, the Powell’s neighbor owner of the Green River Ranch.  He likes to always keep his hair, clothes and outlook current and trendy, much to the amusement of his family, whom he loves.  The only love affair he has ever had has been the family ranch but doesn’t mind being known as pleasure Powell, not in the least.  He likes to spread himself around the females of Stony Creek so none are left ‘without the benefit of his charms’.  In fact, his horse possesses the name Helen, so he can ride a female daily, like a vitamin, he insists.

Brody Powell – Eldest son of Florence who is the social butterfly of the family.  He is very protective of the Powell’s, especially his mother and brother since the death of his father, Martin.  He stands at 6’1” with black wavy thick hair and blue eyes.  He had a girlfriend for two years but wasn’t heartbroken when she left and is the only young Powell male actively admitting that he wouldn’t mind finding love.  A very gentle man by nature, like his father, his horse named Sweetie, is very appropriate.  Brody is very comfortable in taking charge when there is a need for someone to step up.  He can be found every Friday and Saturday night dancing the available ladies of Stony Creek at the town’s honky tonk, The Gas Pump.  He has a small dominant streak in him, knows who he is and is rather comfortable with it.  Women sense it and he knows how to use it to rope them in.

Cole Powell – He is the youngest son of Florence and also the youngest in the Powell clan.  He tends to be the quietest, more intellectual and insightful of all the boys.  He is especially close with his cousin Troy and their neighbor Hunter.  At 6’4” with brown straight hair and blue eyes, he is one of the most striking in the crew.  Cole loves to go out on his horse, Mickey, alone to be one with the ranch and daydream of all the wonderful places that he has studied about and would like to visit.  He only wants to visit, however, as his first love is his family and the Rugged Hill Ranch.  He has a shy nature and doesn’t usually like to be the center of attention unless someone he cares about needs his help, which he would give without hesitation.  Of all the Powell men, he has the most secrets, naughty ones concerning his love of certain kinks that is shared with precious few women.  The ones lucky enough to ‘benefit’ from his knowledge, well, they are forever in love with this special man.

Hunter Lang – Loyal neighbor and friend to the Powell family, his spread, the Green River Ranch, borders both Dr. Billie Rothman’s property and the Rugged Hill Ranch.  He is 6’ with dirty blond hair and light blue eyes.  He is a former Navy Seal who was injured in the line of duty and now seeks refuge and peace with his sizable herd of cattle and the strays that he takes in.  Due to his extensive rehabilitation after his injuries, he is a mountain of broad muscle and can literally lift the end of a small car.  Known for his soft heart and extreme inability to speak full sentences, he is loved by the whole town of Stony Creek.  Hunter doesn’t mind listening to conversation and being part of it but usually only supplies one word answers, except to the ladies that he considers family, mainly Lillian, Florence, Billie and Lizzie.  He likes to keep it simple as demonstrated by his name for his steed, Horse.  His four dogs are named after the characters in one of his favorite TV shows so he won’t forget them, Lucy, Desi, Ethel and Fred!  He doesn’t get involved with women, to protect his soft heart, unless it is for no holds barred sweat producing sex. 

Billie Rothman  - Dr. Billie Rothman is an easygoing and easy to laugh MD from back east.  Widowed after the death of her husband she traveled to Wyoming to find herself and live out her dreams, instead of only thinking about them.  She is stunning at 5’8” with auburn long hair and green eyes.  She loves medicine, her two huge mastiffs, Madison and Zeus, architectural design, history and cooking. Once she arrived in Stony Creek, she fulfilled another dream and added to her family her horses, Sheeza and Danny, thanks to the singular attentions of the Saunders men.   She dreams of falling for a man with as much of a passion for her as she has for him.  She knows that she is slightly submissive, at least in the sexual department and is known for being of quick wit, kind and generous.  Much to her dismay, she cannot resist those darned cowboy hats.

Lizzie Carmichael – Lizzie is the feisty, friendly and darling owner of the Stony Café.  She has always been a glass half full kind of girl, regardless of that she has almost no family and a very less than responsible father.  She is 5’4” with chestnut thick brown hair and blue eyes.  She is unfailing kind, protective and generous to all around her and particularly adores her new friend, Billie.  She has had a not so secret crush on Benjamin Powell for several years and doesn’t mind him staring at her while she flits around her restaurant.  Always being ready with a warm smile, she loves to dance a two-step with any of her old friends down at The Gas Pump when the weekends role around.

Donny O’Doyle – He is the warm, affectionate owner of Stony Creek’s honky tonk, The Gas Pump.  Always ready with a smile, laugh and beer, Donny is particularly fond of Florence Powell.  Being 52 years old, he was a longtime friend of her husband Martin, and now watches over her in more ways than one.  He rarely tries to break up any scuffles in his tonk as he finds the entertainment to be priceless, especially when Sean Taggart starts his hugging expeditions on his friends after a little too much liquor.  He tries very hard not to laugh hysterically and to just to keep his Florence and the other ladies out of the way as Sly Mulligan and Nat Winston try to run his behind into the jail.

Madelyne ‘Maddy’ Daniels – The new veterinarian of Stony Creek is sure grabbing attention that she likes to shy away from.  Dr. Maddy, as she is known, possesses dirty blond straight hair and hazel eyes, she has lit the interest of several of the town’s hunky residents although she finds that she has more in common with the dear animals in her care and her new friends, Billie, Lizzie and Beth.  Known for her compassion, she holds her secrets of loneliness close to her heart as she has never had a family of her own.  She dreams of feeling like she belongs, not only to a family but to a very special man who will treat her to all the love, warmth and security that she secretly craves.  Much to the amusement of her new friends, she can cut quite a rug at The Gas Pump when Donny loads up a drink for her.

Julia Morgan – One of the town’s matrons who is also the resident one lining comic.  A very proper woman, when called for, she is in love with her new boss and friend, Billie.  As part of Stony Creek’s Ladies Guild, she upholds a sense of decorum and politeness, when she feels like it.  She is a very loving and kind woman who ironically is terrified of blood, death and vomit, considering that she is Dr. Rothman’s receptionist/office manager.  She will not hesitate to defend someone in trouble and has little patience or care with bad people.  She has a reputation to sing loudly and very off key when under the ‘influence’.

Elijah Carson – Stony Creek, Wyoming’s distinguished mayor who is married for 47 years to Thea Carson.  A short, slightly plump man, he is quick with his smiles, warmth and hugs when he has too much beer on Friday nights at The Gas Pump.  He is longtime friends with Bill, Donny and Gus.

Thea Carson – The first lady of Stony Creek who is married to the mayor, Elijah for 47 years.  She says that she would do it all over again, on most days.  A member of Stony Creek’s Ladies Guild, she too pretends to be proper with the other women of the group.  A lover of gossip, particularly the most recent romances in town, she can be found with her friends, Mabel Winston, Thea Carson, Julia Morgan, Millie Braxton, Lillian and Florence Powell pretending to discuss theological text while sipping ‘medicinal’ tea.

Gus Braxton – Longtime owner of the town’s supply store, Braxton Feed and Seed, he is married to his sweetheart Millie Braxton for 49 years.  Being a big man, towering over most people in town, except a few Powell boys, Gus has a very staunch stance on treating women with respect and gentleness.  However, he has a reputation of having limited tolerance for any nonsense from the younger ruffians in town.  He is known for being a fun loving and very loyal friend.

Sylvester Mulligan – The Stony Creek Sheriff has made quite an impact since he moved in several years ago from who knows where.  A man obviously trained in various forms of military defense and martial arts, he shocks the town’s residents with his sense of confidence and control at all times, especially with very attractive women.  Amongst the male residents, it is common knowledge that he has a craving for dominance from the female sex and complete lack of inhibitions.  The female populace, however, gaze at him with continual interest at 6’3” with black hair and blue eyes.  He treats the ladies with gentleness and gives them his complete attention when they ‘require’ it.

Nat Winston – The son of one of Stony Creek’s matrons, Mabel Winston, he is also known as the ruggedly handsome and sweet deputy.  A gentle and sensitive nature defines this charming man who loves his mother and waits for his true love to knock him in the head.  While waiting, he is on the receiving end of the town humor as he dates many a lovely lady to ‘bide his time’.  He misses his departed father and takes the care of his loving mother very seriously.

Mabel Winston – Another of Stony Creek’s endearing town matrons, she is a force to be dealt with.  She uses her very strong personality to guide and influence her friends in the Ladies Guild to further levels of naughtiness that is disguised under the title of ‘sharing her experiences’.  Not one to take very good care of her health, she has a history of smoking, a little too much imbibing from time to time and rumors of riding naked in the outer fields of her deceased husbands ranch. She dismisses them as only rumors, of course. She simply adores her son, Nat Winston, and tries to protect him while he is on the job as town deputy from bad criminals, much to his dismay.

Tommy Mathers – One of the sweetest teenagers possible for a sixteen year old boy.  Abandoned at 6 by his pathetic parents, he feels blessed that he was taken in by Mimi Fisher, who has loved him like her own ever since.  He works part time, when not in school and being forced by Mimi to study 3 languages, at the Stony Creek florist.  Precocious and mischievous, he often is mistaken for naughty whereas Mimi and the ladies of Stony Creek see him for being always willing to help and demonstrate his kindness at every available moment.  Well, every moment he isn’t trying to observe the beautiful younger Stony Creek females that is.

Mimi Fisher – Being a beautiful woman who has been knocked down a few times in her life, she is always looked at with awe as there is never an end to her ability to love and get up again after hardship.  She has ‘been around the block’ a little bit but found her salvation and sense of self when Tommy Mathers was abandoned by the waste of space who donated their DNA to him.  Now Tommy is her only love and she works her heart out as the entertaining and delightful waitress/floor showgirl at Lizzie’s Carmichael’s Stony Café.

Daniel McGuire – One of Stony Creek’s adorable populace that is always in need of medical care as he is forever falling out of trees, scraping his knees and getting in the way of the family’s horses.  His mother swears that he has a crush on Dr. Billie Rothman.

Vera Sykes – The raunchy, lovable and loyal cook that graces Lizzie Carmichael’s Stony Café.  Fiercely loyal to Lizzie, she peppers their day with naughty jokes and bawdy comments that forever have even the very experienced Mimi Fisher all a blush during their entertaining workday. 

Beth Saunders – She is the only girl of the Saunders four children and watched over like a hawk by her older brothers, Joe, Preston and Gabe Saunders.  Part of the Wild Mustang Ranch, she knows pretty much how to care for any and all animals, large and small, human or horse.  Much to the chagrin of her brothers, she is constantly amusing herself with her friends Lizzie Carmichael, Madelyne Daniels, Mimi Fisher and Billie Rothman.  Loving her brothers as she does, she tries to ignore their undisguised kink that she herself cannot quite understand but finds endlessly amusing. Her saucy wit and kind heart has captured the attention of many men in Stony Creek but there is only one huge hulk of a man that she dreams of, Hunter Lang, and he pretends that she is invisible most of the time.  While waiting for him to come to his senses, she practices dancing and drinking with the rest of Stony Creek at The Gas Pump.

Joe Saunders – The eldest of the Saunders clan, he is the most responsible.  Standing at 6’4” he has the height and personality to aide him in executing his duties with little difficulty.  He has a singular love of his family’s ranch and his brothers and sister.  Especially, his sister Beth, much to her frustration at his overprotection.  He has a charming personality that he uses along with his muscular fit build to charm the ladies of Stony Creek trying to find the one to satisfy what he needs.

Preston Saunders – The middle brother of the Wild Mustang Ranch’s horse empire, he has a quiet demeanor that goes quite nicely with his ‘short’ stature of 6’2”.  He has a love of most four legged animals and quite a few curvy two legged ones as well.  He brings meaning to the term “It’s always the quiet ones”.

Gabe Saunders – The youngest male, but not the youngest child of the Saunders clan, he has a reputation for being hot headed but extremely loyal.  His first love is his is the horse ranch, his family and his sister.  He tries his best to get in the way of any and all suitors that come in her direction, but assures her and himself, it is only because he cares.  Pretty easy on the eyes, he stands at 6’5” and is a menace to any male that is foolish enough to rile him up.  Sly Mulligan and Nat Winston, being his close friends, have quite a time of it trying to keep him out of trouble when Beth is the focus of any foolish man’s attentions while having fun at The Gas Pump.

Gwen Powell – The former wife of the very fine Jackson Powell, she yearned for more than being a rancher’s wife.  She is the physical embodiment of the typical ‘buckle bunny’.  She possesses a very cold heart and self-centered nature.

Len Drexel – The former classmate and rival of Jackson Powell and the entire Powell family.  He is an evil soul with only envy and selfishness to run through his veins.  He is determined and will stop at nothing to cause heartache and pain to the Powell’s, particularly Jackson.

Adam Taggart – The elder brother of the ‘Taggart Twins’, not really twins at all.  He is the boss by only 13 months.  His brother and best friend in the world have been born and raised in Stony Creek along with their dear friends the Powell boys and the Saunders clan.  Deemed to be an anomaly amongst the town’s men, he stands at only 6’. Don't let that color your opinion however, as he is known for being a wall of male muscle and a Herculean strength to match his control. He is much the smooth operator however, and drives that town’s female populace wild.  Adam emanates kindness and generosity which makes him a favorite player in conversation in Stony Creek’s Ladies Guild who wonder what sort of woman will be lucky enough to snag this very special man.  If they only knew!

Sean Taggart – The younger Taggart brother, he has always looked up to Adam for direction after their parents passed.  His subsequent development at that influence left him to be a man of a great heart and great height.  He is 6’4” and loves to hug, everyone and I do mean everyone.  No one is immune to his affectionate nature, especially after a beer or three, much to Nat Winston’s dismay, who tries endless to throw him in jail for hugging him every Saturday night!  A naughty man by nature, he allows his brother to be the ‘front man’ while he is free to search for the answer to their desires.  His endless yearning for a third to complete his and Adam's little family and fill their ranch, The Triple Tag, with love and affection again.

Theodore Davis – The town’s unscrupulous banker, he uses his money as a means of controlling his intended targets.  He has a reputation for his self-serving behavior and lack of compassion, unless that is, it serves his own interest and desires.  He has a secret obsession with possessing Lizzie Carmichael, one way or another.




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